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    Pearson VUE

    Greg Cowell

      I'm wondering if anyone else has had an equally bad experience with Pearson VUE as I have. Firstly, Pearson VUE has only one testing centre in Brisbane, Australia so you have to book several months in advance. After waiting about 5 months, my CCNA exam was today. I showed up at the testing centre on time but the software did not work so I could not sit the exam. Apparently Pearson VUE had performed an upgrade two business days earlier and it no longer worked. It had been reported to Pearson VUE by the testing centre the day before but Pearson VUE did not fix it. I had to wait more than two hours for Pearson VUE to issue an incident report number to the training centre just so that I could ring Pearson VUE for assistance. Not much assistance was provided. Basically I have to wait several days until they call me back to reschedule the exam. A whole day wasted in the end and no idea when I will be able to sit the CCNA exam after having already waited 5 months.

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          Pearson Vue is notorious for not caring about the actual test takers.  Good luck with dealing with them.  If you run into too much resistance, open a case with Cisco Certification Support, they may be able to help.

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            Raul Angel Velazquez Rodriguez

            Do you know why they dont care?

            Do you know how much Cisco pay them for a exam delivered?

            1 USD. 

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              Personally I don't care - they want this business - they should treat us better. 

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                That may be true, but there has to be some other agreement in place. There are other testing providers, and Cisco does not use them, which means PearsonVue and Cisco have a contract in place.


                Pearson needs to provide better service, or Cisco should use different testing provider(s).

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                  Mark Anthony Green, M.Sc, CCNP, CCNA

                  Hi Greg,


                  It's unfortunate.  I hope that with time the service improves.



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                    Maybe I'm one of the lucky ones.  I have never had any issues with PearsonVue Testing centers.  I do have to travel out of town to take the exam, but the testing center I use is part of a college.  The actual area where the test is delivered is attached to the library, so it's always quiet.


                    I am sorry to hear about your bad experience.

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                      Actually, that is a good point Erick. At every testing center that has been at a college, the atmosphere and service has been excellent. Because of that, I usually drive the extra distance just to test at a college. Unfortunately, not everyone has that option. It would be nice if Cisco used at least one other testing provider, that way it would at least spur competition.

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                        The center where I tested had four workstations available. My scheduled exam was at 1 p.m.. I arrived early and still had to wait approximately 45 minutes to enter and sit for my A+ certification, because four other people were still testing. My CCENT exam went well and on schedule. If I decide to go out of town, I would have to travel 60+ miles.


                        Hard to believe Pearson Vue only gets 1 USD for each exam.



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                          Paul Stewart  -  CCIE Security

                          I've had pretty good service lately. However, you'll see these issues from all test vendors occasionally. I've had issues in the past like no working workstations for testing and testing center closed on arrival (and did not open). Probably the best thing to do is realize it will happen, but at least make a little noise about it when it does!

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                            Greg Cowell

                            Thanks for the responses everyone. I've got 4 exams to complete over the next 4 months (CCNA + 3 x CCNP) so hopefully things will go smoother from now onwards. Still waiting to find out when I'll get to do the CCNA exam I paid for but will have to put that aside and concentrate on my first CCNP exam.

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                              I was f**cked by Pearson Vue i reschelued my test date for Apr and the system from Pearson Vue left it at today's date. And Pearson Vue wouldn;t help at all so i wasted $ 250 on theres stupidity and I have decicdedc not to endorse Cisco anymore as cisco id dealing with Pearson Vue only.



                              Very bad Expirience with Pearson Vue

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                                Scott Morris - CCDE/4xCCIE/2xJNCIE

                                Raul Angel Velazquez Rodriguez wrote:


                                Do you know why they dont care?

                                Do you know how much Cisco pay them for a exam delivered?

                                1 USD. 


                                The end-side testing center doesn't get much money (although I think it's $10 not just 1).  But that's separate from Pearson-Vue as a company!  Vue gets a lot more than that.   And Cisco takes their share as well.


                                The endpoint testing centers are viewed as a commodity and convenience, not as a business venture.  The exam controls (Vue) and exam creation (Cisco) are the money-making portions.


                                If you only have one testing center in a town the size of Brisbane, that's pretty sad.  I know that there are contracts between Cisco and Vue about providing tests and reasonable results and stuff like that, but I don't know the details.   Hopefully someone from the Cisco group will see this thread here and figure something out for you.


                                It's very sad it ended up this way for you!



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                                  Raul Angel Velazquez Rodriguez

                                  Mmm.. 10 USD or 1 USD, I dont know. 5 years ago I went to a VUE center, a pretty small one and I chat with the owner. He told me that Cisco pay them 1 USD for every exam, and I asked him why he accept that. He told me (if I recall correctly) that they MUST offer the exams so they can give official training on that location. I dont know, but of course, they must make money one way or another.

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                                    Rigo - Community Moderator

                                    Hi Greg,


                                    Sorry to hear about your experience at the testing center. These type of issues are addressed by Pearson VUE. However, since you already have an incident/case opened with them, feel free to contact their Customer Service team for an update.


                                    Good luck on your next exam attempt!




                                    Cisco Learning Network Moderator

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