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    360 program = Written + Lab exams?

    Networker MHA

      I am planning to start preparing CCIE after some years of procastination. I intend to embark on the 360 program. Does this programe prepare you for both written and lab exams or just the lab exam?


      I'm asking this, so that I could decide whether I should

      1) go for the written exam prior 360 program enrolment; OR

      2) go for the 360 program and attempt the written exam during the program


      Which above option is recommended? Need advice. Thanks!

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          From my limited experience, the 360 program is geared towards the lab.  However, all the technologies you learn for the lab will certainly help you pass the written! 


          There are several learning partners here on the CLN that offer the Cisco360 program such as Nova DataCom and CCBootcamp.  Both of those CLPs are active here on the forum and hopefully they can engage you and get you where you need to be!