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    setting up a cisco test lab


      Hi everyone I'm trying to set up my cisco lab to help me study for my ccna.

      I have a Cisco 2501,2513 and 3620 and a Catalyst 1900 . what i need to do is

      get the lab working with my home network, this is how i want the network to be


      internet >>dsl-modem>>switch>>CISCO-R1>>CISCO-R2>>Catalyst 1900


      The dsl modm and the to routers are using RIP ver2


      Router1 and Router2 connected using a dec dte cable the clock rate is set on the dce end, they use for there network "R1 //=\\ R2".


      eth0 on Router1 is connected to my home network its ip address is


      eth0 on Router2 is connected to the Catalyst 1900


      router 2 acts as a dhcp server it pool will be


      the problem i ran in to is that i can not ping any website from Router2 but i can ping the dsl modem and computers on my home  network.

      I ran a trace route and it gets stuck a thats the dsl modem, some how the router gets the websites ip address but afther that nothing all you see is * * * * * * * * and then it just goes back to the command prompt .


      Can someone help me to solve this problem i have more info at



      I changed a lot of the configs since then


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          Keith Barker - CCIE RS/Security, CISSP

          Have R1 act as a DHCP client on e0.


          Have R1 act as a PAT device, with overload using the e0 outside interface.


          Use a different network address between R1 and R2.


          Tell your internal devices about a valid DNS server, (using DHCP to communicate that is fine).


          On R1, go passive on interface e0, and advertise a default route into RIP across the serial network.


          That should take care of the connectivity from the inside to the Internet.


          Best wishes,