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    Cisco Packet tracer

    Steen Nielsen

      Hi all


      Is it possible to test MPLS and VSS in Cisco Packet Tracer, if not. Is there any other software where it is possible to test both Cisco Routers and Cisco Switches(6500 with sub720) ?


      Is it possible to upload new devices into Cisco Packet Tracer, like Cisco 6500 switches and Cisco 7200 routere ?


      Hope that somebody have the right answer


      Steen Nielsen

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          nope,  PT does not supports MPLS


          You can do MPLS, VSS in GNS3 - free emulator that runs on  real IOS.

          7200 routers are in GNS3, so are 3725 and 3745, 2600 and 2691, 3640 and 3660, and 1700 routers.


          there is no way to simulate a cisco switch in GNS3.

          Not aware of any other simulators of 6500s.