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    Updated CCNA Study Plan & schedule


      "Those fail to Plan, Plan to Fail"



      So you have started studying for ccna and there is no end to when you might finish; you feel overwhelmed. Thats because you just started studying and had no plan on how to study.


      I am assuming you have atleast 1 book and atleast 1 simulator to get started. If not you may look here https://learningnetwork.cisco.com/message/170678#170678 How to study for CCNA FREE                     

      Dont forget to Read The attached Document "how to pass your CCNA"


      Everyone seems to  have a lot of trouble with binary & subnetting 1st, so master this topic 1st.Then while you are reading the books, practice the hands on at the same time.


      I am going to assume you will spend however long it takes you to finish reading everything available to you on each topic every day whether that means studying 2 hours or studying 8 hours to get the job done.  Some of the topics are short, there are not much available to study. On those days get a head start on the next topic and dont forget toreview topics you have read over already that you find difficult. Altenatively, there maybe a topic you will need more than a day to master. Adjust your schedule accordingly.


      One of my teacher in college used to say, It takes an adult 3 times to hear something  to fully comprehend the subject. So open up your windows sound recorder while you study out loud and record each session. immediately after listen to what you have recorded. Then without cheating, try to write it down on paper from memory. Go back and reread the portions you dont understand or cant remember. Move on.


      Using quality time to study:  whether you study ten minutes or sixty, make sure you keep your focus on your studies.  I have attached How to pass your CCNA by Paul Browning of Howtonetwork.net . An excellent free publication that paul sent to me in an email when I was studying for my CCNA. Howtonetwork.net also has an excellent free subnetting cheat chart and free quizzes you can download.


      Plan 1:


      There are 76 subtopics outlined in the 640-802 Exam Topics (Blueprint) [https://learningnetwork.cisco.com/docs/DOC-4976].


      If you take a day to master each topic that takes 76 days +

      1 week to practice the hands on portion of the exam = 83. 

      Adding a week to review before the test makes it 90 days start to finish.



      Using the Plan number one,  you only master Subtopic 1on day 1 which is

      Describe the purpose and functions of various network devices


      Watch the videos you have on that topic, take notes, read the pages relevant from the book/s you have. try out any simulation/s available, do practice tests on the topic.


      Alternatively Plan 2:


      There are 8 sections outlined in the640-802 Exam Topics (Blueprint) [https://learningnetwork.cisco.com/docs/DOC-4976].

      if you take a week to master each section makes it 8 weeks.

      Add 2 extra weeks for any topic extra difficult for you to master.

      1 week to extra practice the hands on portion of the exam

      Adding a week to review before the test makes it 90 days start to finish.


      If you have other plans or schedule to share, Please do so.



      Special Request: If you are Cisco Certified, Please respond to this thread: https://learningnetwork.cisco.com/message/91012#91012

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