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    The Cisco IOS Emulator Petition

    Marko Milivojevic



      Fine member of network engineering community, Greg Ferro (from Etherealmind and Packet Pushers Podcast) is running a petition to Cisco to provide networking community with support for software emulation for educational purposes. I will quote the text of the petition below, but please, take a moment to sign it by going to the link listed below.


      The Cisco IOS Emulator Petition

      We the undersigned ask Cisco to consider our petition for an open and usable IOS Emulator for learning, study and training.

      We are the people who are learning about Data networking and Cisco IOS software. As students and practitioners, we need to learn theory and knowledge and then to take that knowledge and practice on Cisco IOS software.

      We want to be able to practice that knowledge, and demonstrate our competence. We know that you are considering the value. This petition is to show our need for this solution. Wendel Odom discusses the possibility Cisco Considers IOS for Certifcation Self Study and we are calling for Cisco to make an option available.

      This experience and knowledge we gain gives us the capability to make the most of Cisco equipment for our employers, your customers. We help drive the best return on investment, and keep the network performing in the way that your customers expect.

      We can test configurations prior to making and be better prepared. We can develop more complex configurations than would otherwise be possible, and not blame the equipment afterwards.

      We resolve problems more quickly, we make better designs and we have greater confidence in our work. We raise less support cases (and reduce your costs) by being to perform our own testing and validation.

      Whether we are resellers, consultants, students or just interested in learning, we all need an practical method to access IOS and practice.

      Therefore, we are asking Cisco Systems to make a version of IOS available for educational and testing purposes.

      On behalf of the Cisco Networking Community



      Marko Milivojevic - CCIE #18427 (SP R&S)

      Senior Technical Instructor - IPexpert

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