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      • 15. Re: Making up a plan for learning CCIE
        Scott Morris - CCDE/4xCCIE/2xJNCIE

        Take a look around...  The interesting thing is that you'll find different blogs over the years from people like me, or Marko, or other instructors of yesteryear....   But no matter who we are or who we work for, the basics of a plan are pretty much the same!


        Start with the blueprint for the exam (and this really works across tracks as well).  And take time to study the fundamentals.  If you don't know HOW something works or WHY it works, then you will be stuck memorizing specific configs...  That's nice if your test follows those, but not so much if it doesn't! 


        Practice.  Get practice labs.  Don't care whose.  Start someplace.  Take those labs, work them through not until you memorize them, but until you UNDERSTAND them.  Then make some changes to them.  Think about "what if" variations.  You will come up with some things that are likely impossible, but the act of PROVING that is really good studying!


        But practice, practice, practice...  Follow that blueprint.  Use it as your checklist.


        At some point when you are good with all the details, take a class.  You may learn some more details (hopefully not too many, but details are good), but you'll get an appreciation for pulling things together that way, and that's what the lab is about!  And you have someone dedicated to be able to ask questions of!  (While asking here is great, there's nothing saying we may all be busy in a particular week and you're sitting around wondering why nobody is answering you!)


        But it boils down to practice.  Not just divide and conquer, but annihilate and rebuild...


        Best of luck,



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