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    EEM: Great tool for maintenance.


      I first saw this feature a few months ago from an enquiry of a client, our client's requirement was the ios must support rmonv2 as well as EEM, my colleague and i did not have any idea what was eem... so I searched the net and read about it, however still I seemed to know the feature but never tried to use it.


      Last month I encountered an IOS bug issue whereby the reinsertion of cable caused connected route no installed in routing table, toor had suggested to use eem. Nevertheless the bug was resolved after my client upgraded the ios version.


      Here's a demo of my configuration which worked, the objective is to backup configuration to an external tftp daemon every day at certain time, time should be synced from a better stratum server to make it work correctly.


      2651-1#sh run | s event manager environment

      event manager environment filename 2651-1-confg

      event manager environment tftploc tftp://

      (variables with values, do not put quotation, just put normal values without quotes)


      2651-1#sh run | s event manager applet backupcfg

      event manager applet backupcfg

      event timer cron name job1 cron-entry "34 2 * * 0-6"

      (it turned out that day of the week cannot be * I must specify the day of the week otherwise eem applet will not work when triggered by cron)

      action 1.0 cli command "enable"

      action 2.0 cli command "conf t"

      action 3.0 cli command "file prompt quiet"

      action 4.0 cli command "end"

      action 5.0 cli command "copy start $tftploc$filename"

      action 6.0 cli command "conf t"

      action 7.0 cli command "no file prompt quiet"


      There are predefined variables in the IOS that start with "_", there's a variable for email server as well, during an event of a problem admin can be notified via email sent by the EEM, meanwhile can do workaround using EEM.


      2651-1#sh version

      Cisco IOS Software, C2600 Software (C2600-ADVENTERPRISEK9-M), Version 12.4(25c), RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc2)


      EEM version 3.0 is available from 12.4(20)T onwards, I reckon mine should be running eemv3.0. If you are using IOS 15, your eem version is 3.1 which adds a new feature related to snmp.