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    Router sub-interfaces for different VLANs


      In this diagram, I am using the VLANs as backup connections if the frame-relay network goes down.  The only router with two ethernet ports is R1 which is a 2514.  The rest of the routers are 2520 and have a single ethernet port.  When I went to set up the sub-interfaces and assign an IP address, it gave me this error message:


      % Configuring IP routing on a LAN subinterface is only allowed if that

      subinterface is already configured as part of an IEEE 802.10, IEEE 802.1Q,

      or ISL vLAN.


      Router on a stick is configured on a 1721 router not shown on the diagram.  All the switch ports are configured as access ports with the correct vlan assignments.  Will this not work for what I'm trying to accomplish?






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