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    Can't ping from different vlans


      I have been out of the loop some with my Cisco studies.  I received my CCENT last April, and then went on and off on studying for ICND2.  I am now starting to get back into things, and figure I would give myself a test, and I am stuck


      In 3 weeks I will be heading out to Texas Motor Speedway and doing an IP schema change.  Also while I am out there I will be adding a vlan to separate part of the network that is not ours.  I figure before I went I would practice it on Packet Tracer.  So I have a few 2960 switches, and a router.  Obviously I am going to have A LOT more than that, but figure I would just a small scale version


      Well I separated 2 of the switches and moved them to a vlan 200.  The network for vlan 200 is:

      The other switches are going to be vlan1.  The network for vlan 1 is:

      This is not going to be the real IP schema, but something along these line.


      If I am on the "other" person switch, I can't ping the other vlan 200 switch, and no idea why.


      However if I am on any of the vlan 1 swtiches, I can ping any on vlan 1 just fine.  Yes I know that works cause its the default vlan.


      Anyone want to show me what I am missing?  It has to be something little and simple.