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    Implementation/Verification Plan

    Adam - CCNP

      Hi all,


      Sorry to keep bombaring you all with questions related to the ROUTE exam, but I want to go in to it having prepared as well as I can.


      On the 'Exam Topics' page: https://learningnetwork.cisco.com/docs/DOC-6565


      It has various mentions of (for all topics)


      • Determine network resources needed for implementing EIGRP on a network
      • Create an EIGRP implementation plan
      • Create an EIGRP verification plan
      • Document results of EIGRP implementation and verification


      How can I learn about this before the exam as it's not covered in the official ROUTE guide, as I'll assume it could be quite heavily tested in the exam environment.





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          Hi Adam,


          Actually, I thought Wendall did a pretty good job of covering the implementation and verification parts of the exam topics in the ROUTE Cert Guide. For example, if you look at the Exam Preparation Tasks at the end of Ch. 2 EIGRP Overview and Neighbor Relationships, he goes into design, implementation plans, and verification plans.  He does this for almost every topic on the exam.


          Anyhow, the design, implementation, and verification process, is just taking what you already know and formalizing it. Its like, if you were going to implement EIGRP for an organization, what are your goals, what network resources do you have, what do you need, how would you do it, and how would you verify it was successful. It's a thought process.


          Like I said, I thought Wendall did a pretty good job. I would suggest taking another look at the end of the chapters.