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    problems adding gateway on CUCM 7.0




      I'm trying to setup call routing between a CME 4.0 and CUCM7.0.


      On the CME I know what to do ( installing dial peer....).


      However on the CUCM i have problems adding the CME as a gateway.

      -->For adding a new gateway I go to Devices and select Gateway.I press 'add new' and I select the gateway device type: 'cisco 1760'. Then I get a bunch of fields with the name of the gateway and so on.  However I don't distinguish a field to give in the IP-address of the gateway.[Problem 1]


      --> Then I give in the dialed digits which should route to the CME. For that I go to Route / Route patterns. I press again add new and I see there is a field 'Gateway/Route List'. However when I try to select my newly added gateway in the pull down menu I don't see any gateway appearing accept for the 'not selected' option.[problem 2]


      If somebody could solve my two basic problems, I would be very grateful.


      Kind regards,Ralf.