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    LAN/WAN Professional


      i am trying to get my ccna cert. i live in denver and i came up on this company lanwanprofessional.com that gives you 4 days of hands on training for free. my question is is this legit and did somebody got his cert. through this company


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          After asking my friend Google, it looks like there are a lot of different sources all saying that it is a scam.  I'd stay away from it, just with the amount of people complaining about it.

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            Hello Jared and Aladin,

            I went thru their program and my experience was nothing to brag about....When I went through it was a 7 day program, I didn't have my CCNA at the time and I was attending a School for it....the bottem is just as Jared said STAY away from that one.  I am in debt with them for over 5,000 they never got me the intership and no one assisted me with my progress... I got good hands on experience with working with Routers and Switches but you can get that from other programs and you won't be in debt.

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              Oh by the way it isn't for free, by the time they get through with you.... You will pay a deposit (you won't get back) and if you don't succeed on thier time frame You owe.  I attended June 26 2010

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                Scott Morris - CCDE/4xCCIE/2xJNCIE

                Complain to your state's Attorney General.  Sue the f#$*&ers.



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                  I like Scott's approach.  Companies like this or other dumping sites, need to go!  I know cisco frowns on things like this but don't know how much resources they have to pursue the fight against this kind of ****!  It seems to me that cisco would need to rely on their customers, like us, to help them in this battle.

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                    Pete Nugent

                    Unfortunately if these companies are operating illegally and falsly advertising their fees and capabilities it is very difficult for us mere mortals to take legal action. I dont know US law however we do have consumer advice in the uK who can get involved.


                    However the best way is to make people aware of it, let us put them in a bad company list on a blog somewhere, in fact I may start this where we can say who we feel is a good provider, IP Expert, INE Fastlane. and who are not so good.


                    Economics should then see some of these go to the wall. As for dump sites I am afraid there will always a market for these as those people who do not want to learn but just get the ticket will buy the dumps. I think thats more in Ciscos domain of responsibility as copyright fraud rather than our hands where people are being fleeced by liars and charlatans.


                    I am happy to start a blog that hopefully points to some of the better providers and warns of those that are perhaps not so good.