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    1st exam down, 12 to go

    Kerry LeBlanc


      Just got back from taking and passing the ICND1 exam. Now, onto ICND2, then four for the CCNP and 5 for the CCVP and then the CCIE (someday).



      One thing I did that help me tremendously was when I did the practice exams I always set the time limit for 1 hour. I practiced until I could do the exams in under one hour, when I started the real exam today and saw the extra half hour it relaxed me tremendously. I ended up with 40 questions total and completed the exam in roughly 45 mins. If your wondering, I missed one question.



      I suspect the next exam will not be quite so easy, but I will follow the same study path that I did for this one. If anyone is interested I will detail the steps I took for studying.



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          Venita: Official Cisco Team

          Congrats! I really like your goal setting for the long haul!

          Way to go!


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            Brandon Svec


            Congratulations. And, yes, please share a little bit about what study material and methods you used and what you think was useful or not.






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              Timothy Walsh

              Congrats on becoming certified, CCENT.


              I found the first test to be very easy, which made me cocky and I ended up running out of time on the 2nd test and dropping it as a result. Follow your study plans and you should do great. If CCVP is your goal don't forget you have that new CCNA-Voice test to also complete, unless you can get it all done by June next year. You can also bypass the CCNP and go directly for the CCVP.

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                Nicolas MICHEL


                Congrats Kerry !!!!






                Please like Brandon said , share with us all your studying experience , it will help A LOT of people (me included)






                Mine is scheduled for November






                Cheers !



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                  Wow, great step for you. Maybe someday you can teach me.

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                    Hi Kerry


                    Congrats on your exam. I like you passion and motivation, very impressive.



                    The road is long but with your out look success is on the cards.



                    Keep it up and keep us updated on your progress. i write my CCDP final exam on friday so i understand the long road and it's worth it.



                    Nicolas did you pass your Exam?







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                      Hi Kerry



                      Congrats on passing your exam, I know that you are very determined and all i can say is study hard and go for it, you will definitely get there.






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                        Congrats! Passing is always fun



                        I've always felt the most confident about Cisco exams where I have plenty of time left over on them.  When I can look at a question, pick out the keywords to identify the real topic they are testing you on - and then selecting the proper answer.  Of course not all questions are simple enough to do that with - but the ones that are, save you gobs of time to allow you to tackle the more intricate quesitons you will invariably find!

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                          Kerry LeBlanc

                          Since this was posted I have also completed the ICND2 and the CCNA Voice. I am now working on the BSCI to get the CCNP. Its an addicting habit once its started. LOL

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                            It is an expensive habit, though!   The labs are not cheap! LOL

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                              I am feeling a little "lost" today. A combination of economy, self doubt, middle age angst<g>. I have never worked in the IT field. I have been playing with computers, Linux,Mac(now) and since a layoff in Dec..Cisco. It all started with a Lammle Book. I said.."I could do this". I had planned on the ICND1/2 route but after listening to Mr Lammle I got the impression that...if I have a weakness, there will be fewer questions.(What logic!) They will be spread out. I can subnet in my sleep.Congratulations on passing yer test my friend. But my question is this..so what?(1) I pass thetest. I am 59 years old. As a prospective employer wouldnt you be inclined to say...."Its a neat accomplishment..but I need experience" Or will/do employers realize that..the CCNA aint no cakewalk. if you passed it...u must be smarter tha the avg duck.(2) How do most of you feel...2 tests or ONE? A concensus. I have a feeling that most will say..two. But Im just fishing alittle here.

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                                Knowing the technology and being able to talk my way through questions has always helped make up for whatever lack of experience I have had.  Now that I've been in the industry going on 5 years now I still find that to be true.  I keep pushing for better jobs, going up against stronger candidates, it doesn't ever get any easier my friend!



                                As for the tests - I wouldn't say either one is more difficult than the other - I took the CCNA back in 2005 when most people took it as one exam.  I would go by your level of comfort - do you know the materials?  If yes - the CCNA is a rough test - so be ready!  However, with the VUE coupon code "COMEBACK2009" you can re-test if you are not successful the first time out.

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                                  Kerry LeBlanc



                                     I have to say that I first considered the one exam path as well. I have been in the IT field for a long time.  When it comes to the exams, Cisco says that the sigle exam path is really for those that are renewing a cert or just have the experience with the subjects covered.  The exam has grown quite a lot over the last few years and that is why they split it into two.  Sure, there are people that pass the single exam with out any previous experience, but then again there were kids in high school that always got straight A's. I don't fit into either group. LOL. I think that it is better to go the two exam path if there is any anxiety about exams. You have the same time to answer questions coveing ICND1 and ICND2 material as opposed to splitting it up into two.


                                    As far as a prospective employer, well there is definitely a lot to be said for experience. When I go the job that I currently have I had 16 years as an electronics tech, 8 years as a pc tech and 1 as a network admin. At the time I had only my Microsoft Certs (9 of them which I obtained over a 15 day period). Do I think they are worth anything? I did at the time, then I started working on my Cisco certs and woke up. I had just memorized a lot of facts and was able to obtain all those MS certs. Can not do the same with Cisco. You have to know that material pretty good to pass the exams and I believe that most employers realize that. In my experience in this field there are several things that count for more than the experience. Can you learn fast? Are you willing to be trained? Do you love technology? Do you mind working unusual hours? By this, I mean do not plan on a 9 to 5 job in this industry. I've seen a few come and go because they could not handle the fact that at 5:30 if you are in the middle of a task, you usually can not put it on hold til the next morning.  This is a tough industry to get into sometimes, but you can set yourself apart and that will mean alot to a propspective employer. Some techs are unwilling to learn the new technology, that will hurt them in the long run. Look at what is coming down the pike and get yourself prepared. Lots to choose from; VoIP, IPv6, Hosted Apps, Wireless. These are all getting closer to being everywhere, someone has to know how to configure, troubleshoot and maintain.


                                  I do not think age or experience will preclude anyone from a position if they have the drive and determination.

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                                    Really good insight Kerry. Thanks for sharing!


                                    Best regards,


                                    Cisco Learning Network Moderator

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