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    question about subneting


      Hello Guys,


      I have some questions about subneting, I have attached the file in this discussion which has the question.


      I hope my question is clear.



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          Looking at the diagram, the network address under 'Admin' was blurred out. So assuming that is then yes "C" would be a good answer for Network A.


          For Link A I would choose answer "D" and the reason is what they are really asking is to assign addresses to Link A and Network A that will not overlap with other networks (because each router interface is a network boundary). It is also assumed they would want to have the most efficient use of the address space.


          Answer "D" will use the address 0-3 that is currently not being used. Also because it is a link, you will only need two addresses for each interface on the router. A /30 network does just that, 0 will be the network address, .3 is the broadcast address, .1 and .2 will be the addresses for your router interfaces.


          Hope that helps!

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            Hi Cjin

            Thanks for your reply, I understand what you mean, yes you are right, the 2nd choice of correct answer is "D"  but why "D"? Why not "E"? Even the IP address shown in answer "E" has 30 bits of Subneting "/30".


            I hope you understand what I mean,


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              If  the Admin VLAN is /27, then using E for Link A would overlap with this subnet. In order to prevent any overlapping subnets, D is the best answer for Link A.




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                C and D are 2 answers. For 120 hosts, you need 7 bits; that leaves 1 bit for subnet, which is /25.

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                  Hi Guys,


                  DelVonte,thanks for your reply, but this question is not actually about VLANs and

                  in the diagram ,their is no switch and VLANs are created in switches. My question

                  was that why do we choose the answer D for Link A ?Why not the answer "E" for link A becoz even the ip address in answer "E" has 30 bits subneting "30/"?


                  I hope now my question is more clear.

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                    Andreas Thrasivoulou

                    For Link A the correct answer is D because is a point to point which you only need 2 IPs usable the /30 link. you dont use E because that IPs can be used in a larger subnet. to better understand break the network in smaller pieces starting from the end.


                    You have break these network into to /25 networks and (these will be used for Network A so is gone)


                    then break the into smaller and these i believe will help you understand the subnetting

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                      Zaher Hamiyah



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