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    Where are non-Cisco CP IOS IPS Signature Update files?




      Q1: What are the files names for IOS IPS signature updates and where is the link on Cisco Downloads?

      (I am not referring to the IOS IPS CLI package IOS-Sxxx-CLI.pkg that bootstraps the IPS configuration; I am referring specifically to signature updates)


      I can't seem to find IOS IPS Signature update files for non-Cisco Configuration Professional; i.e. in order to update

      from CLI or auto-update.  I can also see a signature update file for Cisco Configuration Professional sigv5-sdm-S516.zip...but I can't locate the corresponding file for manual/CLI signature updates.




      Q2: About auto-update: Cisco docs says you can prepare a local staging server; download signature updates from Cisco.com to your staging server then use the url command under ip ips auto-update to direct IOS IPS to pull sig updates. What file are you supposed to be downloading from Cisco.com?


      Q3: All Cisco docs on ip ips auto-update use the command "url tftp://"; but they don't explain the format of the file!?

      What exactly are you supposed to put into this file?


      I searched Cisco Downloads under Products > Security > ...everything to do with IOS IPS, Integrated Router/Switch Security, Integrated Threat Detection but could not find any IOS IPS non-CiscoCP/auto-update versions of S516 signature updates.


      (BTW: for IPS 4200 sensors I did find an S535 signature update package but no luck for IOS IPS)