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    MPLS supported Router


      Hi All ,


      I need to have connectivity between branch & main office over WAN.

      I prefer to use MPLS, could you please let me know which are the best Cisco routers which support MPLS.


      Is there any one who deployed MPLS on thier network?


      thanks in advance

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          Scott Morris - CCDE/4xCCIE/2xJNCIE

          You you RUNNING mpls?  Or you want an SP who provides a connection over MPLS?  Two COMPLETELY different things.


          If you have a point to point connection, then you running mpls is completely inane in my opinion.  That's like me saying I want Jet fuel for a 4-cylinder car... 


          But if you have a larger/interconnected network and want to run MPLS yourself, just use the Feature Navigator (www.cisco.com/go/fn) to see which devices/software supports MPLS.


          But I'd suggest establishing what you really want to do before running down any path!





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            Thanks Scott for your quick response.


            Actually this will be point to point connection between main office and Disaster recovery center.

            we want a SP who provides a connection over MPLS.as per thier suggestion we will purchase the router  and i just wanted to get your idea.

            And this is the first time we are experimenting MPLS, i just wantted to get more infromation.

            I will post other  network security details and topology  in security group.

            Mostly i check your posts here , you r a real expert and very helpful.


            thank you

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              Scott Morris - CCDE/4xCCIE/2xJNCIE

              Glad to assist!


              There's a lot more questions to be asked of your SP though if you are planning to run MPLS natively.  So do be careful what you wish for! 


              You may just stick with regular routers and they can set you up with an MPLS VPN connection (MPLS on their end, not yours!)