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    CCNP Voice Lab Setup


      Hi everybody,


      I'm really thinking to setup a good CCNP Voice lab without simulators.

      i want to know what all equipments i need to buy to cover the complete syllabus.

      if anybody could help me , it'll be very helpful!

      lot of thanx in advance



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          Aaron Cary

          well, you will definately need some voice capable routers, switches (poe preferred), ip phones and some voice servers (the really expensive part).


          for your routers, I would recommend


          (2) CISCO2611XM (you might want to go with CISCO2801 to use PVDMs, VICs, and VWICs natively on the router. try to get one with Call Manager Express already installed)

          (2) WIC-2Ts (for frame-relay or PPP for VoIP. if you do frame-relay, you will need another router with WIC-2Ts to simulate FR switch and some DCE/DTE cables)

          (2) NM-HDV-1T1-24 for voice PRIs.

          (2) VIC2-2FXS if you decide to go with the CISCO2801s

          (2) VIC2-2FXO if you decide to go with the CISCO2801s and want to connect your voice network to the PSTN.


          For switches

          (2) WS-C3524-PWR-XL-EN (WS-C3550-24PWR-SMI if you can afford it)


          For IP Phones


          (6) CP-7911G (they are pretty cheap)

          (4) Analog phones, the cheap ones you can use for your house, if you decide to get the FXS cards for your routers.


          For Voice serves, there is a guy on ebay selling some software you can run on an extensive VMware server. Might be good to look into. Supposedly it supports CUCM, Unity, Presence and Contact Center. Not sure though. It takes a pretty good server to install this on and supposedly the guy will help you. Again not sure. no real support on here for that portion, but if you get it up and running I am pretty sure there will be some help on here for the specific servers.




          - Aaron


          Also look around, I am sure you can find several ways to set up end to end voice to cover this, or find someone renting out rack time for this.