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    Question about CCNA Re-certification


      Good evening!


      I have a question, which I know has been asked before.  I just can't find my answer.  Presently I have an active CCNA.  That CCNA is due to expire on Nov 5, 2010.  I would like to re-cert the exam.  However in my current job role i've not really used ALL of my CCNA skills, and like most people in my situation, if I don't 'use it, i lose it'.  That being said, I want to re-cert my credientials with the base CCNA (This is my question).


      Reading through the re-cert req's, it would seem that I am able to re-cert my exam if I take the ICND2 exam, is this the case?


      I am hoping this is the case, as it would let me re-cert this core level, and get a refresher on the material, without having to pay $250 to re-take the entire exam.


      Any info is appreciated!