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    CCNA 640-802 Single Option Exam Fee



      Hi Everyone,

      I will be taking 640-802 exam in a couple of months.I thought that I would save USD $125 by taking this single composite exam(which's USD $125) option rather than going for two exams option(ICND1 & ICND 2) which is USD $125 each. But today when I try to register myself for the exam, I find that 640-802 is USD $ 250 NOT 125 & ICND1 &ICND2 are $25 each. Did Cisco revised the fee for 640-802 or i was wrong in the first place??? If somebody could please tell me if Cisco gives us some option to save moeny by going for a certain option.



      Thanks & Regards

      Vishal Aggarwal



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          Jordan Mazurke


          Unfortunately, CISCO have increased the prices for the CCNA exams (both for the CCENT route and the single 640-802).



          Therefore it will cost the same, in monetary terms, to take the single CCNA or the double exam route.



          Hope this helps



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            hello everyone!



            i'm from cameroon and here we are not very use to online accounts so i can't registered by myself online for the ccna 640-802...i have to go for a pearson vue test center but there the cost of the which is 183 Euro for my country is added when i'm making the conversion.



            what i want to know is if these pearson vue test centers are authorised to add money over the 250$ cost of the ccna exam and sell them 300$ to eams takers....???or they are entitle to the 250$ no add??






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              As of June 24, 2008, the price of the CCNA comprehensive exam #640-802, the single exam option for achieving CCNA certification, will be $250 USD, the professional-level Composite exam #642-892, will be $300 USD and the CCIE written exams will be $350 USD or the local currency equivalent in all regions. All other exam prices still apply.



              If additional charges are incurred, please contact Pearson VUE at www.pearsonvue.com/cisco/contact.






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