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    l2l VPN tunnel from ASA 5520 to sonicwall nsa4500 is getting hung!


      yesterday we setup the tunnel and it was working fine..but today what happens is..user was trying to ping from local PC 10.x.x.x to remote PC 192.168.1.x IP and it was not pinging even he was able to access other application except ping..then just after 3-4 hours he reported the issue that he is not able to access any applications...on ASA both the Phase was up but packet was not getting encapsulated & deencapsulated..so what i did is..i cleared the tunnel...after clearing the tunnel user was able to ping remote IP ..he got almost 16-18 replys ..then it started requested time out..but he is able to access other applications..i think tunnel may get hung again after 3-4 hours...kindly suggest..what could be the cause & how to resolve the same??????.. Many thanks in Advance