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    VLANs ASA 5505, 5510, multiple context


      In my test setup I have four customers with IPSec boxes (5505, NetGear etc.) that connect into a single ASA 5505 over site-to-site IPSec tunnels. Customers are allowed to choose any IP address range on their inside network, their Internet facing (outside) address is available to me and my ASA 5505's Internet facing address (outside) is available to them.

      Here is my issue: I need to configure four VLANs on my ASA 5505 (I have Sec Plus license) and trunk the packets to my inside network that is not segmented. In other words, I cannot map one VLAN to one network segment on my inside network as my inside network's IP address are dynamically assigned. Is this possible to do on ASA 5505 or do I need to upgrade to a 5510 (or 5520) and use multiple contexts? As far as I know, ASA 5505 does not support multiple contexts. This is a test environment and throughput is not an issue.