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    Passed ICND2 !!!!


      Passed my ICND2 exam Today...Feels great to have finally passed...

      Again I used

      Cisco Press ICND2

      Cisco Press ICND2 Simulator

      Cisco Press Practice Tests

      The book and practice tests came from Cisco Press CCNA Library

      The simulator was purchased from Cisco Press Web Site.

      Don't want to mislead anyone by saying exam was easy or hard...I think it is as hard or easy as you make it for yourself.

      It took multiple tries to passed both ICND1 & ICND2.. Not because they were hard, cause i made them tough..

      What i learned about myself while on this journey..


      Learned to stay calm.. Was intimidated by the 1st attempt, ended up being to worried about time and not confident enough with my knowledge.

      Failed to follow directions on a couple of questions rushing to get them done which led me to make the question more difficult than it had to be.

      Once i took a step back, trusted my knowledge, stayed calm,  Passed ICND1...


      Again, didn't trust my knowledge.. Kept over thinking questions missing the obvious. Thought things were far more complicated, yet, it was me who was making the question complicated...Again, took a step back, trusted my knowledge and was able to see the key points of the questions to realize, answer is right there. Passed ICND2..

      What makes this certification the best I ever achieved, is not only the knowledge of routers and switches, but that i was able to learn and change how i approach tasks. Definitely not the same person from when i started this journey 4 months ago...

      What Now? Well I got 2 routers and 2 switches, will configure them and wipe them out, configure them and wipe them out, to make sure knowledge really sinks in.

      I would like to thank everyone for the words of encouragement and advice along the way. Feels good to know there is a support system to keep you pushing forward.  Good luck to everyone on you journeys.