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        The Trouble Shooting Game appears to have issues with the Repair Report checklist. After each step I check the appropriate checkbox yet sometimes it does not move on to the next problem after I have all green checks and the list pops up. I understand this game is to educate but it ends up being more frustrating than anything. What's the point in a game that puts off students instead of engaging them? When you solve a problem you shouldn't have to mess around with a checklist that doesn't jive with what just occured in the problem. Sometimes I end up checking until the right combination of checks advances you with no explanation (who needs explanation when you're trying to learn something right?!). I just did that, that and that. Wait....No I didn't. I've learned that I still know how to subnet and even though say, the broadcast address was wrong and I had to change it although I really didn't according to the "Check List". Annoying and confusing. Nice try though.



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          What should be checked on the "Repair Report"?

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            Although the "Subnet mask was a valid number but was set too low (not enough subnets)." and I had to change it to a higher value, checking that on the list is wrong apparently. Unchecking it gave me a "You did it!" Yes I did it, I raised the subnet to a higer value to fix the problem. So I didn't do it? Or I did but.....

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              Dan M


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                Hello sdemkee01 -



                The Subnet Troubleshooting game is designed to help represent real life situations. Troubleshooting a network to see where subnetting was performed incorrectly and recording it in a repair report is similar to the type of activity done in network administration. It requires you to not only solve problems but, understand the cause of the problem- such as an invalid subnet mask or a subnet mask applied incorrectly (i.e. too few or too many subnets).



                You did identify an error in the game: On level 2 in the Manufacturing Department the Repair Report has an mistake. The answer required by the game is: A subnet spanned two or more portions/slices of the network and shouldn't have

                One or more network addresses were missing or set to an incorrect value

                One or more broadcast addresses were missing or set to an incorrect value

                One or more router interfaces were missing or set to an incorrect value



                However, the error is: "One or more network addresses were missing or set to an incorrect value". Since all of the network addresses were correctly entered, this is a game error. This will be corrected in a future version of the game. Meanwhile, you will have to check these four items in the Repair Report.



                Thanks for your input - Jerry



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                  Cisco Mind Share Demo - Great Learning Game! and its a great to study tool for CCNA exam. I look forward to the full version.



                  In the mean time, Mind Share plays well on my home pc running Vista, but at work desktop running XP Windows , I constantly see all Text blinking on and off, like interference. I open task manager and removed all possible programs, except the virus protection, reduced the game resolution, then un-installed the demo and reinstalled to find the same issue, all text is continually blinking on and off.



                  any ideas?



                  thanks in advance






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                    The subnet game is suppose to be about learning to subnet, not about learning to report



                    repair tickets. I have spent more time on getting the correct checks on the repair ticket



                    than learning to subnet in order to proceed to the next level. This needs to be reviewed again



                    on the main purpose otherwise this would be a top-notched game.



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                      Hello Michael-



                      I checked with the game developer. They would like to know the configuration of your machine: i.e exact hardware including video card and the amount of memory it has, as well as the if you have any service pack's installed on your version of XP. By the way, did you check the installation instructions which describe the system requirements? That might answer your question as well.







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                        Below are my PC Desktops Config Details which are in line with the minimum game requirements. I hope someone can help, its a great learning game..thanks Michael



                        OS Name Microsoft Windows XP Professional



                        Version 5.1.2600 Service Pack 2 Build 2600



                        System Name ELS-E57488



                        System Manufacturer Hewlett-Packard



                        System Model HP Compaq dc5700 Microtower



                        System Type X86-based PC



                        Processor x86 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 13 GenuineIntel ~1861 Mhz



                        Processor x86 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 13 GenuineIntel ~1861 Mhz



                        BIOS Version/Date Hewlett-Packard 786E2 v02.04, 4/13/2007



                        SMBIOS Version 2.4



                        Total Physical Memory 1,025.00 MB



                        Available Physical Memory 326.23 MB



                        Total Virtual Memory 2.00 GB



                        Intel(R) Graphics Media Accelerator Driver Report



                        Accelerator in Use: Intel(R) Q965/Q963 Express Chipset Family



                        Video BIOS: 1348



                        Current Graphics Mode: 1280 by 1024 High Color (75 Hz) 16bit color



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                          Hello Michael



                          The developer needs some more information:



                          The video information is not complete. Ask him to right click on Desktop and select Properties which should bring up the Display Properties tabbed dialog. Select the "Settings" tab and then the "Advanced" button. Another tabbed dialog should appear, select the tab labeled "Adapter". He should send us the Adapter Information listed there



                          Please send this information so I may forward it to the developer.









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                              We apolgize for any inconvenience.



                              We will sent this over to the developers and see what they have to say.






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                                I have completed Subnet Troubleshooting Game, but my score is not displayed. In fact, there are no scores display at all.



                                What's up with that?



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                                  We are looking into this problem. We have not yet been able to figure out why the High Scores are not displaying. Apologies. ?:|


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                                    has anyone solved this one? I can see 14 things that need to be fixed but am only given 9 moves