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    Fibre length 1000Base-LX



      Hi all,



      I have seen 2 conflicting bits of information one that says a single mode fibre 1000Base-LX max distamce is 5KM and I have also seen 10KM stated, which should I use for the ICND1 exam ?



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          Michael Wilson


          I found this answer helpful:



          1000BASE-LX is specified to work over a distance of up to 5 km. In practice it will often operate correctly over

          a much greater distance. Many manufacturers will guarantee operation up

          to 10 or 20 km, provided that their equipment is used at both ends of

          the link. 1000BASE-LX can also run over multi-mode fiber with a maximum

          segment length of 550 m.



          I think the right answer is that the 802.3z standard specifies 5km as the max, but many manufacturers (incl. Cisco) specify 10km as the max b/c of high quality equipment.



          I passed the CCENT 2 months ago and there were no ambiguous questions that provided both lengths.



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            Many thanks that is very usefull.