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Does anyone have any test engines for running home developed CCDE practice tests?

Jun 28, 2008 6:55 PM

Colin McNamara 41 posts since
Jun 11, 2008


I am trying to figure out what software is necessary to mock up scenarious (prepping for the CCDE practical). Does anybody have any ideas for test engines that will mimic the workflow that was on the CCDE demo, while allowing me to create my own ?






  • Ryan Hicks 75 posts since
    Jun 25, 2008

    I am not currently aware of any software like that, and unfortunately I doubt there will be any time soon. I have seen that CCBootCamp has a CCDE practical instructor-led course, but thier site has no details about it yet. At this point the best information I have to go on is the CCDE breakout session at Cisco Live. In this session, Russ White explained what they were thinking of when designing the practical. Advanced thought of design consequences seems to be one of the main focuses.

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  • Russ White 29 posts since
    Jun 13, 2008

    Right now, the entire practical is developed in Flash (as you will see when the demo is posted, at some point next week, I think). It's all custom developed, and I don't know of any "engine" that will generate similar sorts of items. Once the demo is posted, though, you should be able to run through it and get a better feel for the type of capabilities the environment has. Every type of question currently on the practical test is represented on the demo, so you'll gain experience with all the different item types (some of them might be styled differently as you go through the test, as in rows vs columns, colors, or things of that nature, but they are the same item types).


    The focus is on analytical skills and general knowledge, rather than on bit level or configuration level knowledge. The general pattern of the test is:


    1. Discover data from a lot of information that's thrown at you.

    2. Make some decisions based on that data, combined with your knowledge of networking technologies.

    3. Have more data thrown at you.

    4. Make more decisions.


    There are also justification and comparison situations--we didn't show a comparison question on the demo, for brevity. Essentially, an alternative design will be suggested, and the question will revolve around determining why this alternative design would be better, or wouldn't meet the requirements presented.


    What I think will be hard to get used to is "forgetting" the information from the last task when you jump to the next task. There's a fine line here, since you don't want to spend a lot of time in a time constrained test learning new networks on this scale. It takes a good bit of documentation to describe a network of even three or four hundred routers, and then a lot of documentation to present a real design problem on that network. We've tried to balance between the requirement to forget, and the requirement to learn a new network for every problem, but it remains to be seen how well we did in that regard.




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  • Brian McGahan - 4 x CCIE, CCDE 718 posts since
    May 29, 2008





    Any idea how many people will be able to take the beta practical exam concurrently? Also how is the numbering sceme for CCDEs going to work?








    Brian McGahan, CCIE #8593 (R&S/SP/Security), CCDE #...? ;) []





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  • Russ White 29 posts since
    Jun 13, 2008


    "Any idea how many people

    will be able to take the beta practical exam concurrently? Also how is

    the numbering sceme for CCDEs going to work?"



    I don't know how they have it set up as far as number of people who can take it. I know there is an overflow plan, so they should be able to handle everyone who registers (based on the number of people who've passed the written as of right now). We might be overwhelmed with registrations, though, you never can tell.



    The numbering scheme hasn't been decided yet. I would hope that would be resolved in the next two weeks (along with the logo), but I'm currently out of that specific loop. The CCDE Team recommended both a logo and a numebring scheme, it's mostly a matter of seeing what the folks on the marketing side of the aisle counterpropose, at this point.








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