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    Cisco's Logo Usage Policy


      I was just looking over Cisco's Logo Usage Policy because I was going to, maybe, put them on my website or in my email signature.  They say that if using on a website, they should be no bigger than 43x38 pixels.  Wow!  That is small!  In fact, I believe so small that it really can't be read.  On the CCNA Voice one, I don't think anyone, who didn't alreay have an idea, would be able to tell you what it says.


      This leads to a few questions.  First off, they give you the logo is three sizes, 300x300, 150x150 and 75x75.  Why not 38x38 or 43x43?  I mean, if they never want you to use it any bigger than that, why even give you a 300x300.  Also, why tell us not to use the logo any bigger than half the size of the smallest of the three?


      I just don't understand the reason for wanting it that small.  It actually makes me not even want to use it.  ****, just typing "CCNA Voice" on here in a 10 pt font, makes a bigger impact than a 38x38 logo.  Not to compare, but CompTIA wants their logo at least 7/8" or something like that.  It would be nice if you could display all the logos in the same size, but CompTIA doesn't want their's as small as Cisco's, and Cisco doesn't want their's as big as CompTIA's.


      Are these policies enforced?  They sure sound serious on the document they give you, but I notice that several people on here use the certification logo as their avatars.  Well, that is 46x46, so it is already too big, and I can't even read what most of those say.


      How do you guys use the logos?  Or, do you just not use them?  Also, if anyone has an example of how they use them in an email signature, I'd love to see it.