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    Passive-interface EIGRP command

    Héctor G.

      Hi everyone.


      Why ROUTE book says that if you use the passive-interface eigrp subcommand, the router still will advertise the connected routes if match with an EIGRP network command?


      I have 2 routers connected with each other, router "R1" just have a connected subnet (the link with R2) and R2 has got 4 connected subnets more, so, R2 has got 5 subnets connected... now, I configured both routers with EIGRP so R1 now knows about the 4 subnets of R2 knowed by EIGRP, then I use "passive-interface" command on R2, but then R1 does not know about the 4 subnets! and that subnets are conected in R2 and activated with network command! ¿Do I misunderstood? ¿Can anyone explain me?


      Thank you!