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    CCIE study method question


      Hello All, I have a question about the CCIE routing study methodology. Mnay of you have gone thru this and thought might be able to help me out. I bought the work books and real equipments and setup my own Pod. Now, the question is, should i start from CCIE certification guide, clear the written first and work on the  for the lab exam. So far i have the following in my study list, TCP/IP Vol1, TCP/IP vOL II, BGP design and Implementation, QOS certiifcation guide and MPLS, ofcourse the cert guide. Am i missing anything here? Can you guys share your experiences and what would be right prep menthod? Thanks

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          Mohamed Sobair



          I recommend you read and practice but if you are just starting , you will need to be familiar with the technology and to gain as much knowledge as you can.


          Here are some of the recommended book list:-


          1- CCIE routing and Switching exam certification guide 4rth edition.

          2- Routing TCP/IP volume 1 , 2.

          3- MPLS fundamentals.

          4- BCMSN.

          5- Internet Routing Architecture 2nd edition.

          6- QoS exam certification guide.

          Good luck with your studies, and feel free to ask any questions here.





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            Thank you for your prompt response Mohamed. Do you suggest reading the books, practice and take the written exam and do lot of hands on and take Lab Exam?



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              Mohamed Sobair

              Hi Sen,


              The written exam by itself doesnt need practicing, however, when I said practice is to apply the basics from what you have read to undertand and apply the theory. you can certailnly go for the written with Only Study and minimal or without practice.


              However, the Lab exam needs lots of practice, the practice for the lab exam differ from normal practicing ...