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    CCNA Collab'n after Feb

    Mikey Mikey Mike


      I want to do some voice training after I finish my CCNA R&S in Feb (hopefully).

      What are my options? doing a CCNP Collab course/study seems doomed to  failure as it might be too much too soon. what are peoples thoughts?

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          in the past it was easier to go straight for CCIE Voice as there were at least 2 good "structured" workbooks with hundreds of labs (INE, IPExperts).  However, this is no longer true; as far as I know, find labs for current CCIE is difficult if not possible at all.

          current labs from Cisco are still "coming soon" see Practice , i don't think they will be ready before new version of CCIE Collab is released.

          new CCNP may help you get closer to CCIE level.  I would look around there;  Or find some one who passed CCIE Collab recently nad can  guide you with materials, study plans, resources to be successful.


          New CCNP Collab resources are not out yet; CCNP Collaboration Certification and Training Program


          new upcoming CCIE v3 exam should be similar to v2 (after Feb24th you can take only v3).  you can check learning matrix and resources under resources tab in CCIE Collaboration Certification Program


          if any labs for Voice/Collaboration will be release by Cisco, please look at CLN store; see https://learningnetworkstore.cisco.com/collaboration


          best of luck!

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            Mikey Mikey Mike

            Thanks Martin,

            So hopefully by the time I go for anything Voice/Collab related there will be some training / books available.


            But no CCNA straight for CCNP level exam.


            I have Kevin Wallace training videos for the existing CCNA Collab, but would nit have time to get exam ready before feb

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              Cisco is offering CLFNDU which is the Collaboration Foundations course. It is intended to be an introduction to unified communications and Cisco collaboration, both for folks who will need to administer but not engineer (so practical skills) and also for folks who would like to get started with collaboration with an eye towards getting certified down the road. It is not a certification course itself, but rather a practical introduction to to the area. If you are at CCNA R/S and are thinking about CCNP Collaboration this would be a good starting point.



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                Hi Maren,

                Thank you for posting this information as I'm new to the Cisco Voice ecosystem (10 years on Avaya). The CLFNDU class is $1500 yaks! Can you recommend any other training sources that are more reasonably affordable.

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                  I assume Cisco's ELT version of CLFNDU will be at a lower price. There may be gray-market training out there, but that will be a matter of 'you get what you pay for'.

                  You may also want to cruise the Cisco Leaning Network, especially the Collaboration Training Videos

                  And, as always, The Google is your friend.