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    VIRL L2 FLAT network


      Hello Team,


      I am building a VXLAN EVPN BGP lab and I do have the need to simulate external connectivity for DHCP relay purposes, so I configured the shared1(flat) network through UWM (systems configuration).

      VIRL is running in my lab on cluster of ESXi hosts, the VDS is configured with a portgroup connecting the VIRL host (interface eth1 under UWM>system configuration>Shared1(flat) and my VM is connected to the same portgroup with an IP address from the subnet configured under UWM>system configuration>Shared1(flat).


      Connectivity from VIRL towards the VM works fine, so far so good so. I configured the flat network to be connected to one of the leafs (see attached), on my leaf I configured this port as a switch port (access vlan 10) and  configured a SVI with an IP address from the subnet configured in UWM. On top I configured in VMMaestro under properties from the FLAT network vlan id 10. (see attached)


      With this configuration I cannot access the IP address configured on VIRL (host ipv4 address in UWM) and of course the VM, however if I remove the vlan 10 reference and configure svi (vlan 1) with the IP address in the range of the subnet defined for the flat network I can access the IP address on VIRL and I can reach the VM.


      It seems that I am missing something simple here but cannot get it to work with vlan 10, any pointers where to look for as I need to simulate DHCP option 82 on a windows server 2016 in an VXLAN EVPN environment.