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    Studying how expressway works (CUCM,IMP,ExpC and ExpE)


      Hi Everyone,


      I'm trying to understand how jabber works and been watching videos already. In the interest of time, I know it would be faster to get a response here than replying under comments on youtube. So basically, please correct me if I'm wrong, Jabber uses SRV to register and you need to have SRV records on your DNS for it to register. You need SRV for the internal that points to CUCM and IMP that would be...


      1._cisco-uds._tcp.domain.com >> resolves to >> CUCM, A record

      2._cuplogin._tcp.domain.com >> resolves to >> IMandPresence, A record


      -For this internal setup. What do jabber really looks for? A CUCM or IMP?


      -On one of the videos I watched, he said that "IF" you have IMandPresence you need to add it for A-Record. I think when you deploy cisco jabber(PC or PHONE) you should deploy IMP as well or can jabber register on CUCM without IMP? I got confused here because all I know is when we are talking cisco jabber, IMP should not be set aside and its a MUST. My point is you "SHOULD" add it for A-Record which then leads me again to my first question "What do jabber really looks for? A CUCM or IMP?" Also, on the login page on the jabber under manual setup you also have options like CUCM and IMP registrations.