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    VIRL 2.0 EFT Update!

    Vernon Palango

      Good Afternoon!


      I just wanted to share an update on how the VIRL/CML 2.0 EFT has been going.   We've had over 60 participants working with the software for 4 weeks now.   In that process, we've squashed numerous bugs, found lots of documentation updates, and a great group of people who've shown us many ways that people are using the product.


      I'm happy to report that overall, the product is stable, and we are rolling out a new EFT build to the group next week.  We have a lot of folks who are going to be working with it over the holidays, and validating that we've fixed all the issues they found in the first phase, and we've added some enhancements that they suggested!


      At this point, we've locked down our build plan (minus any new bugs that may be found) all the way through FCS!   For those that wonder... "so why doesn't Vern just announce a date yet?" ...while we have the engineering build work all identified, and ready to go.  We still are doing some final spadework on things like documentation, QA, etc.   Once we get all that locked down, we will be able to talk about a date.


      Also... I'm very aware of how sensitive everyone here is to how long it's taken to get to 2.0.   That's part of my reason to not tell you a date until I'm ABSOLUTELY certain that we will hit that date.  And at this point, the variable is not around producing code... it's all the underlying release management we need to go through to release that code.


      So!  Stay tuned.  I'm expecting to be able to announce an FCS/Release date sometime after everyone gets back from the holidays.


      Have a great weekend everyone!


      -Vern Palango

      Product Manager, VIRL/CMO

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