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    switch showing IP address in colasoft when not configured...


      I guess i was under the impression that switches typically (L2), require good old console connection first when setting up - manual configuration (DHCP or static for management) to even get an IP address at all?


      My work uses some Extreme networking products for their clients, and when we were prepping this switch on the clients network - to replace one of the switches in a stacked switch configuration - we had to find it on the network (my work laptop did not have a serial db 9 + this switch didnt't have a console port, only db9 + we had no db9 to usb.... uhg) . Eventually my offsite associate was able to remotely find it via IP/MAC cross reference, but I was kind of confused. I figured the switch wouldn't have any IP setup,  and we'd have to hunt for the MAC. So in the end, I just figured its something with the vendor - preloaded or something.


      So in my home lab that I'm building, I figured I'd run colasoft and see if there was an IP related to the cisco switch I have going. Sure enough, there's an IP.


      My whole world feels like a lie


      Got my CCENT cert in the early part of November and have the second test in January. LoL feels like I should have known this enigma by now...


      Could really use someone to elaborate on this (the why, the how).



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          Ah ok. Guess this new switch of mine has dhcp for the vlan set. Picked it up on ebay, and haven't configured. Is this a common thing for modern switches to have set?

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            Hi Curtis,


            Congratulations on passing your CCENT!


            As far as your question about switches....then no, out of the box they come with ZERO configuration and you must configure anything manually before they will work. At least if it's an "Enterprise-switch"....in the Small-business segment it's usually pre-configured like you discovered above.


            Mind you this is a Cisco-forum but most of us have experiences with Extreme and other vendors as well over the years...that said, if it's an enterprise switch then most vendors will let you configure everything manually when it's "out of the box".


            Buying second-hand equipment may or may not come with a pre-configuration.


            In the cisco-world, talking about enterprise switches, then you need to manually setup your switch management. This requires you to:

            -Setup a SVI and provide it with any ip-address.

            -IF the SVI is in a different IP-subnet than your management-station (computer?) then it also needs a default-gateway configured so the routing will work.


            You can provide the IP-address manually (static) or through other means (e.g DHCP). In short, if you got an ip-address it was configured to obtain it through DHCP....so the switch you bought was not "emtpy" of configuration.