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    CCNA online class for a friend


      A close friend of mine has shown some curiosity for the CCNA. I want to direct him to the best place for online ccna training. He is willing to pay and wants to learn the best he can. He learns with hands on, so packet tracer labs are a great thing. Im thinking skills integration for him would be great. Does cisco netacad offer a great online course?


      if so, can you send me the link so i can show him please?



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          Matt, the core program of the Netacad, CCNA, has to be taken at location (such as a community college) that sponsors the Netacad curriculum.  If your friend likes hands on then I would suggest using the netacad locator and see if he can find one in his area.  I use to teach in a Netacad and we had an awesome physical lab with all the bells and whistles...unfortunately that varies location to location, so he should make sure to investigate what kind of physical lab they have.


          I know you said "online training", but even in a Netacad half your time is spent with the online curriculum.  Its the best of instructor led classes + self paced online learning.


          So the answer is no as far as core Netacad curriculum, but there are several classes that they offer online that are self paced.  You can find them in this list. Start Your Path As An IT Professional With A Course From Networking Academy


          Hands on is no good without the proper reading material.  He can buy the Netacad books and course booklets (which contain the text part of the full online courses) and use them in his private study, and/or buy the Ciscopress Official Certification Guides (a must if he plans on taking the exam).


          Other than that, good options for online training are Udemy.com (several good instructors, like Chris Bryant), or Rene Molenaar, NetworkLessons.com | Networking in Plain English

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            Correction...actually, looking through the list of courses from that link, there are only a couple that are online that you can sign up for directly, like Packet Tracer, or IoT.


            Personally, I would push him to get into an Academy near him.  It will keep him motivated.  Also I highly recommend Renes NetworkLessons...its worth the money.  Packet tracer is good to start out, but he needs to learn how to use GNS3 as soon as he can (unless he has access to a physical lab). Later he can move to VIRL.  But first steps first.


            Sometime there are classes, such as introduction to security, that can be taken online through an academy.  He would just need to make sure if there is any requirement to be physically present, such as for orientation, or final exam.


            Again he needs to use the Netacad locator. Find an Academy | Networking Academy

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              Ok, that is good to know. I took mine through a netacad institution as well. Ill pass on the information to him.


              for a book, if he plans on taking the full ccna exam, which is the best official cisco press book?


              I have all ready told him about packet tracer and gns3. The only reason i would have him use PT over gns3 at first... switches.


              I have heard of chris, i saw him on gns3 academy, but i have never had a class from him. what is his style like?



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                Bryant is very talkative, and likes cornball jokes (I dont), but his online ccna is very good and he works a LOT on the CLI.  I would recommend using both his and Renes together...Bryants can be had for 10.00 with the rotating sales at udemy.


                Good point about the switches.


                If your friend wants to take the exam he will need the new books as the exams have changed.  But he should also take courses/read books for the "old" current exam because EIGRP has been shoved out of the new exam (and who knows what else).  Thats just a suggestion...he should at least become familiar with EIGRP...kinda weird to think you can become a CCNA and know nothing about it. If he wants to start with the new books thats fine, his choice.


                The only way to see the differences is to compare the old and new exam topics. You can find them on CLN.


                You can find the new ccna 2 volumes book at ciscopress.com or amazon...its CCNA 200-301 https://tinyurl.com/tky3z4b

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                  is it ccna 200-120 the older stuff? i have that book from a friend of mine and i can give it to him. EIGRP is a good protocol, why are they not putting it in the exam? is it because it litterally is just a cisco protocol?


                  thanks for the help. im sending him an email now. with all of this info haha

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                    Yeah, the old exam Official Certification Guide came in a library set called 200-120 (c. 2013) so that goes back two exam versions.


                    Eigrp has not changed though, he can use the book for that.


                    Why they dropped EIGRP?...don't know.

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                      sorry for late reply. I had a dynamics exam today and a dynamics final next week haha.


                      Ok, so i sent him over to udemy to check out chris's ccna bootcamp. So far my firend loves it and can see himself doing this as a carer. So it looks like i was able to help someone out in life. im happy about that.


                      i also recommended him the linux class from cisco and some cybrary.it classes as well. He has ordered the books, 200-125 volume 1 and 2. he knows he has till feb 23rd 2020 to take the exam.


                      ok, i have some questions of my own but i will post those in their respective places. thanks again

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                        Uh, he better slam the pedal to the metal if he wants to pass the ccna in less than two months...almost guaranteed fail unless he has some prior experience or study time. I dont know his situation, but my general advice would be for him to get the new books and study for the new exam.


                        Now, if he is not in a hurry, reading the current books, THEN moving to the new books would be a great way to prepare for the new exam.

                        I would highly recommend that approach, but it is a lot of reading.


                        Yep, cybrary is another good free resource.


                        Take care, happy to answer any more questions...if I can.