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    been a fat minute since i configured NAT


      ok, so i am doing pretty good on my CCNA/CCNP review stuff. Bare in mind, i received them back in 2006 before i transferred to become an aerospace engineer.


      I am configuring a router to use NAT. I am following a guide but i ran into a problem of understanding.


      R4(config)#access-list 1 permit


      ok, here is my question, why do i need to make a list to let private addresses OUT to the world? We dont really care whats going out, its whats comming in that can cause the trouble.


      To me, the above command is telling the router to let that private address space IN which doesnt make sense because public is what technically goes IN and is either filtered or re-translated to a private address with a port number..


      please help me understand why i need the ACL