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    Worried about the wireless topics in CCNA 200-301


      Hi, I'm new to the cisco certifications world, not tough to networking. I plan to study ~4 months and schedule the CCNA test.


      I've seen that for the new CCNA 200-301 you need to be able to manage wireless networks:

      focus on sing the WLC GUI to configure a WLAN and a security suit.

      Some people told me that I'll need real physical equipment If I want to pass this test. They told me that I simply can't do with Packet Tracer.


      Due to my location and circumstances, that is out of the question.


      Is there enough material to practice with packet tracer? In Wendell Odom's blog he regularly uploads labs from the book, but I do not know if he will do so with the wireless topics in chapter 27.


      Please tell me what do you think.