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    Product Demo For Enterprises


      Hi All


      We are considering having Cisco VIRL as part of our lab, but I'm struggling to find a contact\department that will demonstrate the product

      We have a list of requirements we need to meet, and we want to see a demo before we decide to buy


      Do you know to whom should I contact?

      I contacted sales who told me to reach out learning & certification who then told me to send a message to Karlo Bobiles [quite sure i sent it but i'm waiting for an answer]


      How do I conduct a demo? : )



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          Ian Logan

          Hello Oron,

          If you go to http://developer.cisco.com and look at the sandboxes, the "Multi-IOS Cisco Test Network" sandbox is a hosted copy of VIRL that you can play with.


          That should be sufficient to let you get a feel for the product. I remember creating my own network topologies in that sandbox when the provided topology didn't meet my needs.


          Hope that helps,


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            we must wait a bit more till around Feb 2020

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              Thanks guys for answering

              So I assume we will need CML - I will have to read the exact differences, since all i know is that CML is for companies while VIRL is mostly personal use


              ilogan - May you share the things that didn't fit your requirements?

              Since we are going to use this lab just for discovering those switches\routers\whatever, I know that it will be good for some cases

              The others, I don't think the sandbox will help, because this is connection to external networks [again..that should work, but I not sure I can try it out] and we wonder if we can have different servers [physical or VMs in our ESXs] connected to these virtual switches on different ports


              In addition, not only playing with an unfamiliar product takes time, but it is not a replacement for a demo anyways : )

              Our customers have the option to try out our product - When they want do buy, they are asking for a POC


              My main problem is that it should be really easy to get a POC and I don't understand why is it so hard? LOL as if no one wants to sell : )


              martinlosik - May you elaborate? Is it related to the new VIRL I saw coming out with bunch of changes? Will it affect CML [I guess it will]?



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                I don't think VIRL Demo is available; you may want to wait for Karlo; VIRL is only for learning purpose; there is or was Cisco Lab builder that may help you in running some IOS versions. 

                IOL is not for sale; it is internal product permitted to be used by Cisco employees only;


                other things to try: GNS3

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                  Hey martinlosik - What do you mean when you say "Demo"?

                  Feels like you mean kind of a trial version of the application, while what I want is Cisco to do a POC showing that their product is meeting my requirements - and I assume I should target CML, right?


                  GNS3 is something I put aside for now because I read some posts saying that it is not legal to load VIRL\CML images into GNS3

                  In addition, usually a product bought by a company should be backed up with support, account manager etc

                  I need to see what are my options here with GNS3


                  For example..NMAP is free, but you can buy support in case used in a commercial product

                  I need to take some other things into account - mainly legal

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                    Demo of VIRL was available long time ago; it was not full version of product and no all images and features were available at that time.

                    Trial version I got via VIP membership was fully working regular version that expired after 6 months


                    maybe you can get 30-day evaluation of VIRL but I am not sure if such option exists

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                      Karlo Bobiles

                      Hello Oron,


                      I do apologize for the delay. Demo and trial licenses are not available for VIRL Personal Edition at this time.  VIRL Personal Editions comes with a 30-day money back guarantee from date of purchase. Should you find that VIRL Personal Edition does not fit your needs, open a support case requesting cancellation. While a reason is not required, all feedback of your experience with VIRL is welcomed and encouraged.


                      Should your company have a Cisco account manager and you would like to demo VIRL, reach out to him/her and request access to a demo via Cisco Cloud. The account manager will either:


                      • share the complete session with you (you'll need to provide your CCO ID) or
                      • share the session credentials and details on how to connect


                      To see VIRL in action, visit VIRL YouTube channel. To get an idea of what to expect, view the latest webinar for "beginners" in the VIRL Webinar Playlist.


                      Also, VIRL is a personal edition product and only a single user will be able to use it versus a whole institution. Customers who want a shared environment, multi-tenant usage managed from a single instance, that is a clear case for another product we have, called Cisco Modeling Labs (CML).


                      Here’s some more information about CML for you:


                      CML is targeted at the enterprise and service provider market and VIRL PE - at the developer individual user markets. Table below shows the differences:

                      2019-12-09 14_45_51-RE_ Cisco Virtual Internet Routing Lab - VIRL - Message (HTML).png

                      Link for CML: http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/products/cloud-systems-management/modeling-labs/index.html


                      You can contact CML team at cml-info@cisco.com.

                      Thank you,

                      Karlo Bobiles

                      Cisco Learning Network