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    Cisco IT Essentials Laboratory/Room


      Hey guys,

      I'm in a school project and i've been asked to make a Cisco IT Essentials Network Laboratory, I've already made the Network in packet tracer but I don't know which are the best switches, routers and AccesPoints to use in a physical network Laboratory Room if you could indicate me a few models i would appreciate.

      I will leave you here the Network that I made in packet Tracer.





      ***: João Rodrigues

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          Peter McKenzie

          THe IT essentials lab is mostly concentrated on the PCs so I would suggest one or two routers and  and then connect to 1 or two switches depending on how many pcs you have. IT is the PCs that are important.

          Here is the latest recommended equipment list.


          Academies adopting IT Essentials
          Lab PC Hardware Requirements
          In order to be able to implement the different topologies that are used in the lab exercises of the ITE curricula, Academies teaching the course  require the following equipment at a minimum:
          – 1 PC  Case with 300W power supply
          – 1 PCI, PCIe, or AGP-compatible motherboard
          – 1  Intel or AMD CPU, 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster with support for PAE, NX, and SSE2
          – 1 CPU heat sink and cooling fan
          – 2 gigabyte (GB) RAM (32-bit) or 4 GB RAM (64-bit) (2 X 1GB or 2 X 2GB suggested)
          § Some labs will require one module of RAM to be uninstalled or the simulation of a faulty module for
          troubleshooting purposes.
          60 GB hard drive (minimum); 80 GB or more (recommended)
          § The system must support a full install of Windows and two partitions of the same size
          – 1 DVD-ROM (minimum), DVDR, or BD/BDR
          – 1 Ethernet Card (If the motherboard does not have an Ethernet port)
          – 1 Wireless network adapters (compatible with the wireless router)
          – 1 PCI, PCIe, or AGP (recommended) video card
          § DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM 1.0 driver
          – Cables to connect HDD/CD (Quantities vary)
          1 Mouse
          1 Keyboard
          – 1 Super VGA (1024 X 768) or higher-resolution video monitor
          Additional Lab Equipment Required
          In addition to the equipment specified above, the lab topologies of ITE require the use of the following equipment and accessories:
          Windows 10 Home to install on lab computers
          – 1 Internet connection for Internet searches and driver downloads (this could be the instructor's workstation)
          – 1 printer or integrated printer/scanner/copier for the class to share
          – 1 wireless router with WPA2 support for the class to share
          – Ethernet cable and RJ-45 connectors for building and testing working cables
          – Various USB flash drives for moving files between computers in the labs
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            Thanks for your answer I will try to take those steps !


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              Peter McKenzie

              Good luck with the set up

              I think the new IT essentials 7 really hits the spot

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                Yes, i already have the book i've been guiding from there..

                Thanks again for your reply !

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                  For the switches, you could use Layer 3 switches as 3560x and 3550 as Distribution/Core Switch for Laboratory or if you can get 3750 or 3650 will be ok.

                  In routers, you can use the 1841 or 1941



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                    Peter McKenzie

                    you may want to down load an evaluation copy of Windows 10 as it is used in a lot of the labs.

                    This version can be used for 90 days which is ample for the students to do the IT Essentials Windows labs