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    CCENT VS new CCNA - depth of knowledge?


      I am not sure if this is the right place..... what place should it be in?


      I wonder if the new CCNA has the same depth of information on IP networking as the CCENT? 


      Or is the new CCNA just that more streamlined and efficient?  I want a good basic understanding of networks, routing, VLANs, etc... and am not interested in wireless, data centes, etc... which the new exam all covers.


      Would I be more knowledgeable with the CCENT than with the new CCNA?

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          In all studies (in the university or institute), you must read about some topics you won't apply in a job or activity, however It is importat to know about general concepts. The new ccna covers the basic themes of the previous CCNA R&S, but also something general of the other tracks (security, for example).


          it says "more efficient" than other is not any accurate. The technology changes, and we must align to the new technologies and platforms that appears. The news in these "changes" is you can get Cisco specializations in professional level and not prerequisites in any level (associate, professional, expert). We must go ahead, too


          You can check about the new CCNA vol 1 of Wendell Odom. In CLN you can check a case about it

          Wendell's new CCNA vol 1...


          New books in Cisco Press

          New Cisco Certifications