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    INE Topologies


      I bought VIRL with the intention of using it specifically for the INE mock labs but have obviously realized that the entire topologies will not work on VIRL because of the 20 node limitation. What I was hoping I could do is to add (10) CSR1000v routers to my ESXi host and have them connect to an unmanaged switch that would create in VIRL.


      Does anyone know of a way to make a layer 2 trunk connection between my VM Guests (CSR100v) and VIRL?


      I have tried using the L2 External (FLAT) but I am having a difficult time wrapping my head around getting it to work the way that I want.



      Any links or documentation you can point to help would be great!





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          Basically what you would want to do is create a new vSwitch in ESXi and attach all your CSRs to that.  Then in VIRL create a flat network, link that to a NIC on the VIRL VM to the same vswitch.


          Now what you will have is basically the flat network connected to a switch (vSwitch) and all the CSRs hung off that one switch.  If you wanted to isolate each CSR you'd have to put them in separate VLANs and add those VLANS on the vSwitch and in VIRL. 


          Possible but will take a bit to really get it setup.