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    CCENT cert'ed and can't save a config :/ help with baud on 2960 switch

    John Schubert

      I feel dumb as a box of rocks.  I've configured and saved tons of labs and for some reason can't get a line console baud rate to stick.


      Background:  I bought a Cisco 2960 switch since my 2950 couldn't go past IOS 12 and I scored it for $20 on eBay about 4 miles from work (so save on shipping too).  So I get the 2960 home and it has no IOS.  Empty flash.  So I used Xmodem with a terminal to upload an IOS, and in the midst reconfigured it for 115200 baud so that it took about 45 minutes instead of 6 hours at 9600.  That part was successful and it's running 15.0 IOS.  However, it's still at 115200 baud.  Everything else in my home lab is 9600 so it's inconvenient to always switch for the switch (pun intended )


      I do a config t and then line 0 setting baud 9600.  The switch becomes unresponsive, so close PuTTy and relaunch at 9600.  Connected!! Yay, go me.  OK, sh run and see the line speed set to 9600 and then copy run start.  Then throw a reload and......   gibberish.  It's back to 115200 for some reason.  Did this twice.  What did I forget from ICND-1?