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    I need a mentor or two


      Hello all,


      I need a mentor or two to help me get CCNP before Feb 29, or at least passing the Route and Switch exams before that.


      The time for the current CCNP cert is running short. I'm not moving as fast as I hoped for. I wish I can get something achieved before Feb 29. The CCNP OCG book is very dry to read and I've been slow on it.


      I feel I'm trying to find CCNP in a forest. But don't know where it is. While experts like you guys at tree tops or mountain tops know well all the right path that lead to it. So I need some expert advise on that.


      The most ideal communication would be some form of online chat so I can adsorb things quick. I won't burden you too much and I can arrange time that's most convenient for you. Sometimes what I need is just some emphasis that the books lack. Like telling me I have to know this or that for the exam, or don't waste time on something trivial.


      Would anyone be interested?

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          There are no experts here.  Just people who work hard and study hard.


          You are looking for success/accomplishment outside of your own blood sweat and tears...not a good plan.


          Just my opinion.  Take it or leave it.

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            Kev. Thanks for your opinion.

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              Honestly, what better resource or "on demand" mentorship could you have than this forum???  How could you ask for more? Everything you need is right here.


              Seriously, this place is freaking awesome.

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                In my personal opinion, many members (as me and others) work and continue training, the time is valious but limited. For that reason, we could recommend few opinions or good links for study. But in my personal method of study, I write important notes in my notebook (in spanish to learn better) and I put attention of the topics of networking more used in the companies or IT areas, obviosuly  I also have to study the other topics for an exam. It will be effective without know that exists the day of expiration of the current exams, but in fact, with few time for changes, you could re-plan your objectives, maybe you could take one professional exam and from February 24th, 2020 you can project to get specializations.



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                  Hi Learner,

                  Don't worry.

                  What is your timezone and what is your chat id?


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                    Hi Farzad,


                    Thanks responding. are you a CCNP or a CCIE?

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                      Steven Davidson

                      If you really want to get this whole thing done before Feb 2020 then if I were you I'd take one of the two exams (either SWITCH or ROUTE - whichever you think you're more ready for) as soon as possible to gauge your progress.  If you simply wait until you are 100% confident that you'll pass then you're just going to run out of time (maybe never having taken a single exam).  Who knows.  Maybe you take ROUTE and you squeak by with the minimum passing score.  Great!  Now you know to pour 100% of your time in SWITCH and now you have a fighting chance (because naturally if you can pass ROUTE and SWITCH then TSHOOT shouldn't be too tough a task).   Here's the other thing to consider (because I think your take on ROUTE and SWITCH is off the mark if you don't think you can finish the whole thing).  Here are the possible combinations for migration from current CCNP R/S to CCNP Enterprise (excluding SWITCH/TSHOOT and ROUTE/TSHOOT because they are effectively the same as TSHOOT only):


                      JUST ROUTE



                      JUST SWITCH


                      ROUTE and SWITCH


                      JUST TSHOOT



                      Notice something here?  If you pass just TSHOOT at least a) you get something concrete that can go on a resume ("Cisco Certified Specialist - Enterprise Advanced Infrastructure Implmenetation") and b) you only have to pass ENCOR to complete the CCNP Enterprise.  If you just pass ROUTE or you just pass SWITCH you get nothing and basically you have to pass the same exams to get the CCNP Enterprise that you would if you were starting from scratch.  I can sort of kind of see their logic. They're thinking "well if you can pass TSHOOT then you must know your stuff" so the remove the 300-410 ENARSI from the req and give you a certificate.  BUT the thing is that TSHOOT is not like ROUTE and SWITCH.  ROUTE and SWITCH are filled with intentionally confusing and (some might say) poorly worded theory-based questions that can absolutely make you feel like you don't know anything about things that you think you know well.  On the other hand, TSHOOT can't really do that to you.  You're looking at real topology information (that you know in advance) and real command line output.  They can't really do anything to deliberately confuse your or muddy the waters.  You've already labbed a bunch of this stuff you and doing TSHOOT will be very familiar to you.  What you see is what you get.  You should seriously consider starting with TSHOOT.  Give yourself a good 6 to 8 weeks of practicing on the TSHOOT topo (well-known and publicly available) and try to pass it.  If you fail the first time, but not by much, then bone up on the parts that you were weak on and take it again.  Whatever you do, time is quickly running out.  Do something soon.

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                        Peter McKenzie

                        I agree about TSHOOT my favourite Cisco exam.

                        now it will have to be

                        onwards and upwards with ENCOR

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                          How quickly a person progresses depends on knowledge, experience and how long the person spends working with these technologies every day. Do you mind sharing some more details in this respect?

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                            Hi Loopback,


                            I don't use CCNP knowledge currently. That's why I'm here learning

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                              time, and lots of it is usually the key...

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                                No worries, CCNP is still doable.

                                My advice is to take SWITCH first (the easiest one), and then ROUTE (the hardest one). Once these 2 are out of the way, depending how much time you have, you can push for TSHOOT and wrap it up. But having in mind that you do not do CCNP stuff on your daily job, I feel the option below is the way to go.


                                The other direction is, assuming the ROUTE and SWITCH are out of the way, to wait for the switchover which means: ROUTE+TSHOOT = ENCOR and then you focus on and pass one concentration exam.


                                I like the second option because that will give you better value in the long run. The new concentration exams are updated and touch very relevant topics such as SD-WAN and automation. Once you gain knowledge in these domains, you will be more than prepared for the job demands in the next 5-10 years.

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                                  I would always use a video series (INE with Keith Bogart) to cover a topic, then read about it as the video always made it easier to read those dry chapters, and makes them actually interesting to read as they are adding more dimension to the subject.


                                  I'd then lab the subject, and I'd rarely clear my lab configs, but rather figure out how to add the new topics into my existing lab. Break the lab, google others blogs / Cisco docs / forum posts to fix the issue, and this should really round off learning the subject.


                                  How you describe searching blindly for the CCNP, it reminds me of my first TSHOOT attempt which I failed horribly, because I realized I had no structured plan to tackle the exam questions efficiently to pass it and the panic failed my before the exam hardly began.


                                  I think the best thing you can do is make a structured plan to study and pass exams like a machine that you are confident in your ability to follow, cause you need to get past the panic brother.


                                  If nothing else, I'd look to the ENCOR and just begin prepping for that, most current CCNP material will be on there, and you won't have enormous pressure of a time crunch.


                                  That and you really need to define why you are after your CCNP, you need determination this late in the game, if I can be of any help I will message you my LinkedIn email please hit me up on messenger ASAP and I will help you find your footing.


                                  I get LinkedIn messages on my phone just like texts, please hit me up for help!

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                                    Hi David,


                                    Awesome. Thanks for your tips. I just messaged you on CLN.


                                    I didn't know CLN has a message function

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