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    Starting over again


      I started studying for the ICND1 test earlier in the year.  I was using some Udemy courses from David Bombal and Neil Anderson.  I also bought Chris Bryants subnetting book.  Thing is my heart was not always in it.  I knew at times that I had to do more and study better but did not always feel that way.  So now I can see it would be too hard to try to cram everything for both ICND1 and 2 in few months and try to pass both tests before the 2/23 cutoff date.  So now I am focusing on the new CCNA 200-301 test.  I have started a lecture series from Laz Diaz.  I also have his subnetting book as I have seen many youtube videos about subetting such as sunny subnetting and 7 second subnetting and many others and still have problems like it.  I will join alphaprep that will launch their study series for the new CCNA in january.  This is something I still want to achieve even with the new test