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    Should I certify now or wait until Feb 2020


      What are the pros and cons of waiting until the new testing cycle arrive in Feb 2020. I am aware of all the wonderful study material that is available now, but a lot is dated or obsolete. What I see is, yes I can have a Cisco certification now, but how much of the current exams encompasses new or emerging technologies. Will it put me behind the knowledge curve to spend time preparing for an exam now or should I wait?

      I am heavily involved in cloud technologies with multiple Azure and AWS certifications. In 1999 I drank the Microsoft cool-aid and became NT 4.0 certified.  

      Great I was a MCSE for Microsoft, but in less than 4 months they released Server 2000. This introduced Active Directory and a slew of new functionality that changed the administrator's life. It was not until 2016 that I re-certified my Microsoft MCSE.

      I am going for Cisco certs because I am heavy in the cloud, understanding networking is critical. For me, just having a piece of paper that says I'm Cisco certified is not all I seek.

      What I would like to know is what technologies are being phased out in the new exam path or will legacy material still be present in 2020?

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