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    AutoNetKit Visualization does not work - HTTP 500 Internal Server Error - Website cannot display the page

    Re Ce

      Cisco Virl 1.5


      I need assistance to resolve this issue ASAP..  I have no idea why I am getting this error message.  I can't find any discussions that speaks directly on how to resolve this issue.  Like many others that have commented..  For having paid for this product, support is lacking.


      I am following the training docs and videos.  After using AutoNet, I select "Build Initial Configurations".  My network devices display with "?" marks on each device.

      I select "Yes" to "Would you like to open the AutoNetKit Visualization".  Then, I get an error "HTTP 500 Internal Server Error".  "The website cannot display the page".  The product is totally useless as it will not display the visualization.


      I need to get this working ASAP.  I would appreciate clear and concise instructions on how to resolve.



      Re Ce