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    what router I can chose for 4 GigabitEthernet interfaces that I can use command "ipv6 address


      Hi everyone,


      I am using Cisco Packet Tracer to build a network. I need one router that has 4 GigabitEthernet interfaces whith command "ipv6 address ..." is available to assign ipv6 IP address. I have checked all routers in Cisco Packet Tracer, only router 829 (IR800) has more than 3 GigabitEthernet interfaces. But only GiabitEthernet0 and 5 have "ipv6 address ..." command available. How can I assign ipv6 address to other GigabitEthernet interfaces? Any advice is greatly appreciated!


      Here are output from interface GigabitEthernet 1, command "ipv6 address ...." is not available:


      IR800(config)#int gi 1


        cdp Global CDP configuration subcommands

        description Interface specific description

        duplex Configure duplex operation.

        exit Exit from interface configuration mode

        mac-address Manually set interface MAC address

        no Negate a command or set its defaults

        power Power configuration

        shutdown Shutdown the selected interface

        spanning-tree Spanning Tree Subsystem

        speed Configure speed operation.

        storm-control storm configuration

        switchport Set switching mode characteristics