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    Exceeded quota


      A message similar to the following appears:

      Exceeded quota (s): {'VCPUS': {'available': -1.0, required ': 2}}

      Why is that? Please tell me the solution.

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          Karlo Bobiles

          Hello Yoichi,


          Depending on the type and amount of nodes you have in your topology, will dictate how much resources are required to run a simulation. Please refer to the VIRL Resource Calculator to get a estimate on how much memory and cpu are required:  https://learningnetworkstore.cisco.com/virlfaq/calculator

          The error message you received states not having enough resources to run your simulation. Check to see if you have any other running simulations that can be shutdown by logging onto User Workspace Manager (UWM).

          Thank you,

          Karlo Bobiles

          Cisco Learning Network