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    Cert changes in Feb 20


      is starting ccna cert worth time and money since new cert will be there?  what happened to ccna sec , wireless, datacenter ?

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          All the specialty ccna's are gone...


          The new CCNA certification replaces these certifications:

          • CCNA Cloud
          • CCNA Collaboration
          • CCNA Data Center
          • CCDA
          • CCNA Industrial
          • CCNA Routing and Switching
          • CCNA Security
          • CCNA Service Provider
          • CCNA Wireless

          If you pass the current CCNA before Feb 24 and it will be upgraded to the new ccna on Feb 24.

          No point in taking just the CCENT before the 24...you would still have to take the full new CCNA.  But you can study the current material which would be very helpful.

          The new CCNA book is scheduled to come out in late December.

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            it depends on your progress right now; but if you starting from 0, then no, you can start studying but wait for new ccna cert to come out , then review changes and update studies.


            if u have CCENT, then Yes, you must finish current CCNA before it expires. there is no ccnet after Feb 24th .


            if u about 1/2 or more to 3/4 done , then also yes, finish before the change

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              why making any changes?  detail explanation from Senior Manager for the Global Certifications team, Yusuf Bhaiji can be found Cisco Certifications Podcast

              listen to all podcast from part 1