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    Why does ASAV lose certain settings despite config extract?


      I believe I saw this answered before, either on this forum or elsewhere within Cisco - but my attempts to find it have been fruitless.


      When I perform configuration extraction, and reboot nodes in my simulation, the ASAv seems to lose the following settings (requiring manual re-entry):


      -nameif given to mgmt0/0 (this causes any config referencing it to be pulled)

      -ssh configuration (key generation, management ACL, other)

      -management ACL


      Other aspects of my configuration (username, logging) do persist. I noticed that the nameif configuration it self is in the extracted configuration. If this is indeed a shortcoming of ASAv/VIRL, has anyone found a way to workaround this with automation or other tricks?

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          I believe the parts not saved are not stored in startup config, like ssh keys and these are not persistent, due to how virl runs. When your device is shut down they are lost and only what is in the startup or running config is restored.


          I seen some posts around using applets to restore or edit the start up config adding all the ssh set up commands to the end of the file, set keys then any other settings but I've not had a chance to play around with it.